The effects of summer reading loss have been well documented, but did you know that summer math loss is an even bigger problem?

Summer math loss is more pronounced than summer reading loss. While reading loss seems associated with household income, students lose math ability during summer break regardless of income levels. On average, all students, regardless of socio-economic status, lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation over the summer months each year.* Because math practice is less intuitive and more technical than reading practice, parents are more likely to read with their children than practice math skills. However, there are many ways to practice and build mathematical thinking in our everyday activities. Find small ways to practice and talk about math as you are cooking, shopping, tackling building projects, planning trips, figuring out how much paint to buy... Play lots of board games and other games that involve cards and dice. Visit the links on our sidebar for lots of examples.

PCS encourages parents to help children have fun with math this summer. We hope each child will spend at least 30 minutes a week in some engaging activity that incorporates math, logic, or some other problems solving skill whether it be through every day activities mentioned above, through the games listed (or your own games). We have provided calendars and website ideas for students entering each grade level 1-7. See below.) We encourage you to find other activities as well. Students entering 8th grade should complete the packets assigned by Ms. Slingo.

Alternate or additional support, practice and challenges can be obtained by registering for the CSDE Commissioner of Education's Summer Math Challenge!

Summer Math Challenge Grade Level Options

Summer Math Challenge for Incoming Grades 1 & 2 Instructions

Summer Math Challenge for Incoming Grade 3 Instructions

Summer Math Challenge for Incoming Grade 4 Instructions

Summer Math Challenge for Incoming Grade 5 Instructions

Summer Math Challenge for Incoming Grade 6 Instructions

Summer Math Challenge for incoming grade 7 Instructions

Students entering 8th Grade should complete one of these math packets. For additional preparation, enroll in the Commissioner's Summer Math Challenge.

Summer Math Packet for Students Entering Algebra 1

Summer Math for Students Entering 8th Grade Math

Here are some fun ways to keep your math mind active during the summer, as well as all year long!

Games that Involve Math, Logic and Problem Solving Skills

Math Related Board Games

Games to Play with a Deck of Cards

Games to Play with a Pair of Dice