Developmental Math Program

This program supports the Student Support Team recommendations and seeks to implement the comprehensive mathematics curriculum. Through teacher consultation, analysis of statewide testing, and provision of strategies, improvement in instruction and student understanding of mathematical concepts across the grades are the goals. Students are offered individual, small group and whole class instruction by either Mrs. McKee (K-4) or Ms. Pierce-Fortin (5-8).

Developmental Reading Program

This program focuses on improving the instruction of reading and language arts in all classes and providing reading support services to children. The components of reading include the acquisition of phonological awareness (words, rhyming), phonics (letter-sound relationships), fluency (reading smoothly), vocabulary (bank of words available), and comprehension (constructing meaning). Services provided by Mrs. Bartholic (K-4) and Mrs. Archambault (5-8) include: Student Support Team, student assessment, individual and small group instruction.