Pomfret Community School Bus Times
PCS Pick Up Procedures

The pick up and drop off times will stay the same (please allow 10 minutes on either time)

Pick Up Procedures

At dismissal, students being picked up should exit through the main lobby and stand under the overhang. You will be dismissed alphabetically. Please do not talk while they are making the announcements.

Once outside, students must listen for their names to be announced as well as the cone number at which to stand. Their cars will drive to their assigned cone and students should remain at the cone until the car has stopped.

Students must enter the car on the passenger side of the vehicle. At no time should the student go around the vehicle or between vehicles to the trunks. If students need assistance, they must ask a staff member on duty. Parents are not allowed to exit their vehicle at any time during pick up. If a parent walks up to the building, the student may not leave with the adult until the student has been signed out in the office. The student may not cross the parking lot to their car without the adult.

Older students who have written permission from home to walk or bike home should check in with a staff member on pick up duty on their way out.

No student will be permitted to leave with an adult other than adults on their emergency list unless there is written permission to do so and it has been cleared through the main office.

Thank you for your cooperation with these procedures so that we may ensure the safety of all.

Roads Unsafe for Bus Travel in Pomfret, CT

At its regularly scheduled meeting of April 27, 2016 the Pomfret Community School Board of Education requested that the First Selectmen, as the Safety Officer for the Town of Pomfret, declare the roads listed below as unsafe for travel by school buses. At its regularly scheduled meeting of May 16, 2017 the Pomfret Board of Selectmen unanimously approved this request and declared the following roads as unsafe for travel by school buses in Pomfret, CT.

  • Bradley Road off Route 169
  • Clapp Road
  • Carter Road between Route 97 and Brooklyn Road
  • Cooney Road between Kearney Road and Searles Road
  • Cotton Bridge Road off River Road
  • Duffy Road off Hampton Road
  • Grosvenor Road between Wrights Crossing Road & Route 169
  • Holmes Road between Modock Road & Wrights Crossing Road
  • Kings Highway Between Route 97 and Route 169
  • North Road between Cassidy Road and Route 97
  • Paine Road from Route 44 to #210 Paine Road
  • Rich Road between Route 97 and Drown Road
  • Swedetown Road
  • Tyott Road between Quasette Road & Angel Road
  • Wolf Den Drive - go as far as campground