Check out the Student Tech Pages created by students with code!

These web pages were created using the Sublime text editor.  The students used HTML5 and CSS (embedded and inline) to design their first webpages completely from scratch.

Some students chose to tackle the challenge of learning javascript to make an interactive animation using the canvas element!

You can download the Sublime text editor for free.  Please note that text editors aren't equipped with spell check because so many of the words used for coding are combined with other words ('fillStyle'), shortened ('var' for 'variable'), or mixed with numbers ('var2').  While proper grammar and spelling are important, the primary objective is to learn the logic of coding.  An analogy would be building a house; it's more important that the house can protect you from the elements than that the trim matches the door.


Fall 2019-2020

all names are listed alphabetically by grade

Winter 2019-2020

all names are listed alphabetically by grade

Spring 2019-2020

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic we are unable to complete our pages and apps. 

Ethan in 4th grade WIN had only sounds and a high score function to add so here is his mostly completed

Ice Jumper app.