The PCS students are up to some super snazzy tech things again this year!

The 18-19 school year's web pages are under construction. Check them out as they come online!

These web pages were created using the Sublime text editor.  The students used HTML5 and CSS (embedded and inline) to design their first webpages completely from scratch. 

Some of our students are tackling javascript to create interactive experiences just for you!

You can download the Sublime text editor for free.  Please note that text editors aren't equipped with spell check because so many of the words used for coding are combined with other words ('fillStyle'), shortened ('var' for 'variable'), or mixed with numbers ('var2').  While proper grammar and spelling are important, the primary objective is to learn the logic of coding.  An analogy would be building a house; it's more important that the house can protect you from the elements than that the trim matches the door.

We use W3 Schools site as a reference for much of the coding we do.

Stroll down memory lane with the pages created by;

the students of 2017-18.

the students of 2016-17.

Check out our PCS WIN channel on youTube!

There are a growing number of videos showcasing the architectural madness and mechanical innovation of our PCS students just waiting to be watched on the PCS WIN channel! It's your friends making things with Lego EV3 kits, Makey Makeys, cardboard, tape, you name it.

Check out the 2016-17 student created claymation Gifs!

The students used modeling clay during WIN time in Art to create their actors. Next, using regular old digital cameras, they took pictures to record the sequence of motion. They then used the GIMP image manipulation program to isolate the image and add a free background image from Pixabay. Finally, the file was exported via GIMP as a .gif animation for your viewing pleasure.