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Information on Connecticut's Practice and Training Tests for SBA, CMT & CTAA

  • Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)
  • Connecticut Mastery Test-Science (CMT)
  • Connecticut Alternate Assessment (CTAA)

Accessing the Practice and Training Tests

Students may log in as a guest user to take a practice or training test on their own.  If a test administrator would like to administer a practice test session, students should enter their first name, student ID, and session ID (provided by the TA through the TA Practice & Training Site).
Users must use a supported secure browser or web browser to access the Training Test site. For more information on available browsers, refer to the Supported Browsers page.

       The training tests combine sample items for different grade levels and subject areas. These tests are         for students to practice using the tools and features available within the online system.
       The practice tests are longer and provide sample items for each grade level and subject areas.

Smarter Balanced Sample Items

The Smarter Balanced Sample Items Web Site has been updated. This site provides examples of test questions used on Smarter Balanced assessments in English language arts/literacy and math. Teachers, parents, students, administrators, and policymakers can experience these test items just as students encounter them.

These samples are not intended to be used as practice tests, but educators can use them to better understand how Smarter Balanced measures college- and career-ready content.

SBA Calculators

SBA Calculators are available for students (Grades 6-->)to preview and practice with outside of the testing environment.

  • Grade 6 Basic Calculator
       This is a basic calculator that may be available as a tool for specific test questions in the mathematics       tests for Grade 6.
  • Grade 7-8 Scientific Calculator   
       This is a scientific calculator that may be available as a tool for specific test questions in                               the mathematics tests for Grades 7 and 8.

SBA Equation Response Editor Tool

  • Tutorial that explains how to use the Equation Response Editor tool, and to let students practice using it. Students may use this tool to enter answers that are numbers, expressions, or equations. The tutorial walks them through how to create common mathematical objects, and then lets them practice creating those objects.
  • If you are in elementary school, try to complete all the screens through “Practice 1.” 
  • If you are in middle school or high school, you should try to complete all the screens through “Practice 2.” If you are in middle school, however, you probably will not need to use trigonometric functions.