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October, 26th 2020
The 5th grade students at Pomfret Community School were given a menu of options for projects at the conclusion of their Native Americans unit of study. Some projects included carving a dugout canoe out of a bar of soap, paper towel roll totem poles, marshmallow igloos, a physical map of North America made of clay, and a diorama.
October, 19th 2020
On Thursday October 15, Aaron Breen visited Mrs. Breen's preschool class. Aaron has been a volunteer at Mortlake Fire Company in Brooklyn for 2 years. He grew up around firefighters and medical responders. His Mom, Pre-School teacher Mrs. Breen, has been a member of Mortlake for 29 years and his father, Mr. Breen is currently Chief. Aaron showed the preschoolers what a firefighter wears and explained each piece of equipment to them as he got dressed. He donned an air pack so they could hear how muffled and a bit scary a firefighter may look if they ever need help. They were a little unsure about when he put his hood, mask and helmet on but loved seeing a firefighter in full gear.
September, 9th 2020
PCS 8th grader Emilia Costa was awarded a Silver Award, the highest award one can receive at her level in Girl Scouts. She sewed 120 masks and donated them to Pomfret Community School. She enjoys sewing and added, “In the future I hope to achieve my Gold Award which is the highest award any Girl Scout can achieve.”
May, 26th 2020
On Friday, May 22, 2020 the Pomfret Community School Staff held a parade for the students.
March, 3rd 2020
Congratulations to the seven PCS students whose artwork was selected to be exhibited at the Loos Art Center located at the Woodstock Academy! The exhibit is student-curated and features artwork from local student artists grades pre-K through 12.
January, 7th 2020
In Japan, the crane is a mystical creature that is believed to live for 1,000 years, making it a representation of good fortune and hope. Traditionally, the folding of 1,000 origami cranes is believed to result in one’s wish coming true. The symbolic gesture has become one of hope and healing during challenging times. Following Alex Trebek’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis, the students of Pomfret Community School in Pomfret Center, Connecticut, gifted him with 1,000 origami cranes. Alex and the entire Jeopardy! family find the same inspiration in the multiple strings of cranes now proudly flying in their new home on Stage 10.
November, 22nd 2019
Young Adult Author Paul Volponi spent a day with Grades 5-8 at Pomfret Community School on Tuesday, November 19.
November, 22nd 2019
Pomfret Community School ran a two week Gratitude Campaign through the Look for the Good Project.
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