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  Classes at CT K-12 Public Schools Will Remain Canceled for the Rest of the Academic Year
Classes at CT K-12 Public Schools Will Remain Canceled for the Rest of the Academic Year

2018-19 CAPSS Award Recipients

Pomfret Community School

It is with great pleasure that the Pomfret Community School 7th and 8th grade teachers announce the 2018-19 recipients of the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) award. The recipients this year are 8th graders Emma Blanchette and Quintavanh Sangasy. In choosing the recipients this year one staff member summed up the feelings of all: Awesome recipients! Polite, Responsible, Hard-Working, Personable. All around great kids!

Eighth Grader Quintavanh Sangasy, son of Thavanh and Vanmaly Sangasy, is always positive and upbeat. He is an excellent role model as an 8th Grader to younger students of all grade levels. Quin helps with younger students in many settings, is a nurturing big brother to his younger brother, and sets a positive example.  He is a student who consistently leads by action and good choices.  He is outgoing and responsible, always seeking ways to help others. Quin offers help when a task needs to be accomplished; he never seeks affirmation or recognition.  

In the classroom, Quin works diligently and strives to do his best in his academics. He is a consistently good student. In group settings, he is able to focus on the task that he is working to complete and is committed to see an idea through. He always sets a good example in the classroom setting. Outside of the classroom, Quin is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, is a key contributor and consummate leader of the boys soccer team, participates in the band and chorus, and is a dedicated volunteer at many school activities and events. Quin is very well-respected by both peers and adults.

Eighth grader Emma Blanchette, granddaughter of Terry Valade, is a conscientious, compassionate, and hardworking student in and out of the classroom. Emma is respectful of both peers and adults in our school. Emma quietly leads by example and is mature for her age. Emma is kind, generous, creative, and always willing to lend a helping hand to any staff member or classmate These characteristics have earned her the respect of both adults and peers.

In the classroom, Emma is a hard-working student that, even if she is having difficulty with a task or assignment, perseveres and maintains a positive attitude. She asks great questions, respectfully seeks out feedback, participates, and promotes collaboration in group situations. Emma is self-motivated and she cares about her school, her academics, and her peers. Outside of the classroom, Emma is involved in our school’s literary magazine The Eagles’s Eye, she has participated in the school Drama Club, is a member of the chorus, and ran on the Cross Country team. Emma is a compassionate and kind individual who is well respected by peers and serves as a positive influence to others in her class and the school.

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