Universal screening assessments are characterized by the administration of quick, low-cost, repeatable testing of age-appropriate skills to all students. Schools typically administer screenings to all students three times a year. These assessments yield two important pieces of information. First, they provide evidence to help assess how functional the core curriculum, environment, and instruction are in the school. At least 80% of all students in the school should be showing adequate progress in a particular curricular element or program. If more than 20% of the students are not making acceptable gains in an area, the school must focus on improving the core curriculum and/or instruction. Secondly, universal screening identifies those students who may not be making expected progress and who may need additional diagnostic assessment and/or intervention, either in small groups or on an individual basis.

PCS administers Renaissance Learning’s STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading and STAR Math three times a year as its first line of universal screening.

More information on these assessments can be found here: A Parent’s Guide to Star Assessments. https://www.renaissance.com/family-resources-star-assessments/