The District provides special programs for students with disabilities that impact educational progress and require specially designed instruction. Please contact Erica Caouette, Director of Special Education, with questions about eligibility requirements, programs, and services offered in the school or by other organizations.

Our school provides multi-tiered systems of support to help students; with universal assessments at regular intervals, interventions as needed to improve achievement, and regular progress monitoring, most student needs are met through the general education and remedial services.

Children who are believed to require special education and/or related services must be referred to a special education Planning & Placement Team for evaluation (PPT). The PPT will determine whether the student has a disability, whether that disability impacts educational progress, and whether specially designed instruction and services are required. Parents must give their consent before any evaluation can be done or before any services can begin. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP), based upon the diagnostic findings of the evaluation study will be developed by the PPT, with parental involvement.

For additional information about the special education process, the State Department of Education's link is provided below. This webpage has comprehensive information for families and students that can be accessed by choosing links on the page: